It’s no accident that Jesus didn’t choose just one disciple, rather he chose twelve, a small group. It seems that one of the best ways to grow as followers of Jesus is in a small group, a small group doing life together, a LifeGroup. We have great leaders and seek to offer a group that suits just about everyone.
In the book of Acts (2:42-45) we see the disciples doing life together, there is rich community and people are growing as disciples of Jesus. They study the apostles teaching, they pray and worship, they spend time together in each other’s houses as well as in the temple, they had everything in common, it’s real fellowship. They were doing life together in community, and it was rich and it was beautiful!
The purpose of LifeGroups is to grow as disciples while doing life together. Obviously there is more to the Great Commission than just doing life groups at Cleveland Baptist Church, but the point is that we really believe life happens best in community and the kind of community we should have is a community of disciples. LifeGroups at CBC include Bible study, pastoral and practical care, accountability, prayer, fellowship, and encouragement in the mission.
There are various groups of various ages happening all over the Redlands. Sign up below if you would like to join a LifeGroup. For more information, please contact the office 3286 2724 or email