Jesus has given us life, forgiven our sins, and made us his own. Everything we have, we have because he has given it to us as blessing, provision, and resources to be deployed for his kingdom’s sake.  Giving financially is part saying thank you to Jesus. It is also part of being a good steward. We see four principles in 2 Corinthians 8-9 that should frame our giving.
  • Joyful – out of the joy of our salvation we give joyfully.
  • Generous – out of the generosity of God’s Grace to us, we give generously.
  • Sacrificial – in response to the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, we give sacrificially.
  • Faithful – in response to the faithfulness of Jesus, we give faithfully

Giving through online banking is an easy way to give a regular offering. 

Bank Transfer

General Account
A/C Number: 000000624
BSB: 704-913
Building Account
A/C Number: 000002474
BSB: 704-913
Missions Account
A/C Number: 000001578
BSB: 704-913

Online Giving