To be followers of Jesus – equipped, empowered, and sent to the community and beyond.


boldness / authenticity / zeal / service


Our plan to move people down the discipleship pathway:
1. connect – finding a place to belong and meeting others to share the journey
2. explore – finding out more about who Jesus is, what he has done, and why it matters
3. grow – knowing Jesus more, growing in obedience, understanding, and fruitfulness
4. serve – using your time, passion, skills, and gifts to serve Jesus, others, and our world


The church we see is a church that connects with today’s world, a distinctive “God culture” – a culture of grace, generosity, service, excellence, and participation. A church that is warm and welcoming, that feels like home.

The church we see gathers together for celebration, encouragement, and support and then scatters into every nook and cranny of our community. We see a church that empowers people to be Jesus to those around them, to see themselves as ambassadors of Christ, to see their patch transformed. A church that seeks the good of our city that is integrated into the community, engaged in community life, and seeking to serve.

The church we see deeply committed to mission – global and local. We see a church that engages the world around us in up to date ways, a learning community, seeking not only to recruit, train and send people to do kingdom work, but also to support, encourage and bless. 

The church we see has worship gatherings that are engaging, inspiring, moving, God honouring, Spirit-filled, and bursting with creativity and authenticity.

The church we see is permeated by prayer. Prayer is foundational to everything we do, individually, in smaller groups and together as a gathered church family.

In the church we see God’s Word convicts, challenges, inspires, brings-life and healing as it is preached, read, discussed and taught. 

The church we see helps families come together in a great way, it is inclusive, warm and welcoming, supports parents in their task of raising children, strengthens marriages, connects the generations, supports the young who are vulnerable, and creates community for the elderly who are isolated.

The church we see values authentic servant leadership, whose leaders are inspiring, faith-filled, authentic, committed, accountable, gifted and skilled. A church where leadership is honoured, supported, and developing at all levels.

The church we see is a growing church, growing in depth, quality, fruitfulness, and growing in numbers